Churches are Talking About BELIEVE!

Foundational: BELIEVE is a 30-week theological series that is vertically integrated with all ages in your church, to think, act, and be like Jesus.

Intergenerational: BELIEVE is a whole-family discipleship program with transformation taking place in relationship with others.

Transformational: Church members speak about their own spiritual transformation as well as their favorite chapters in the BELIEVE program.

Invitational: BELIEVE works for every season of faith helping people to think about their beliefs and act upon them to become more like Jesus.

Leaders Talk to Leaders About the BELIEVE Program

What Pastors Want to Know: Church leaders talk to pastors about common issues that arise when deciding whether to lead your church through BELIEVE.

How to Evaluate the Church Kit: Shelley Leith, Director of Church Relations for ChurchSource, introduces the BELIEVE kit and benefits.

The Story + Believe: Learn how THE STORY and BELIEVE can work together when a church does them both.

Believe for Children: Church leaders talk about how the BELIEVE children’s curriculum works. 

Theological Panel Discusses Believe

Panelists Don Sweeting, Leonard Sweet, and Larry Hart each read the pre-release edition of Believe, and came together at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida to have a series of conversations with Randy Frazee about the first ten chapters of the book.

The 10 Beliefs chapters form a basic systematic theology, and it is in these 10 topics that Christians experience the most diversity of opinion. The purpose of the ten conversations is to discover whether the scripture narratives in the Believe book can be used effectively across the spectrum of theological schools of thought.

Dr. Don Sweeting, President, Reformed Theological Seminary
Dr. Leonard Sweet, Professor of Evangelism, Drew Theological School
Dr. Larry Hart, Professor of Theology, Oral Roberts University

Randy Frazee, General Editor, Believe

A Panel of Theologians Discusses the 10 Beliefs

Dr. Leonard Sweet (Mainline) Talks About Believe

Dr. Don Sweeting (Reformed) Talks About Believe

Dr. Larry Hart (Pentecostal) Talks About Believe

Discussion of Belief #1 GOD

Discussion of Belief #2 PERSONAL GOD

Discussion of Belief #3 SALVATION

Discussion of Belief #4 THE BIBLE

Discussion of Belief #5 IDENTITY IN CHRIST

Discussion of Belief #6 THE CHURCH

Discussion of Belief #7 HUMANITY

Discussion of Belief #8 COMPASSION

Discussion of Belief #9 STEWARDSHIP

Discussion of Belief #10 ETERNITY