Vision-Casting Session

This is the opening training session (68 minutes) where Randy Frazee and Shelley Leith discuss the vision of BELIEVE. Get the big idea of what BELIEVE is about and what it can do for your church. The entire training day (9 sessions) is included in the Resource Library, accessible using the code in your Church Resource Kit.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What do pastors need to know about the BELIEVE experience?
Does the BELIEVE book include the whole Bible?
Is it okay to read the Scriptures out of my own Bible and not use the BELIEVE book?
How long does it take to go through BELIEVE as a church?
In what sequence should the reading, preaching, and small group discussions take place?
Do you need to do the Beliefs, Practices and Virtues in that particular sequence?
Is BELIEVE geared for new Christians or long-time believers?
Is BELIEVE an effective outreach program, and does it work to invite guests partway through?
From an inner city perspective, how does BELIEVE apply to those who don't know Jesus?
Can BELIEVE only be used in church settings?
Does the small group curriculum work if the whole church isn't doing BELIEVE? Is the theological oversight of a pastor essential?
Does BELIEVE work for small churches?
In what ways does BELIEVE help parents disciple their own children?
How should a pastor train leaders to teach and lead BELIEVE?
Is it necessary to do THE STORY before doing BELIEVE?
Where can I find the Online Resource Library for The Story?