Equip your whole church, from the little ones to the most seasoned members, to believe the core truths of the Bible and to become more like Jesus every day.

Grounded in Scripture, BELIEVE is a unique discipleship experience that helps Christians of all ages become more like Jesus in their beliefs, actions, and character. This topical, abridge Bible illuminates the core beliefs of the Christian faith to help you think, act, and be more like Christ.

The BELIEVE experience includes books of carefully selected Scripture for adults, students, and kids; a companion book for discipleship and growth; a storybook and coloring book for children; and curriculum for every age group. All editions of BELIEVE unpack 30 big ideas of the Bible: 10 key beliefs, 10 key practices, and 10 key virtues of a Christian, so your whole church can learn to be more like Jesus together.

Flexible and customizable, you can use BELIEVE as a whole-church discipleship experience, or with small groups, adult Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, new member classes, youth groups, children’s ministry, and even community outreach.

Materials to Get Started