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BELIEVE: God, Prayer, and Joy

This free eBook explores three of the key concepts in the BELIEVE program–belief in a personal God, the practice of prayer, and the virtue of joy. Content is drawn from Believe and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus for a seamless experience of Scripture reading, insights, and questions for discussion.

THINK. What Do I Believe?
1. Personal God
2. Personal God: Is God Good?

ACT. What Should I Do?
3. Prayer
4. Prayer: Do I Grow When I Talk with God?

BE. Who Am I Becoming?
5. Joy
6. Joy: What Gives Us True Happiness?


This free eBook excerpts content from chapters 2, 12, and 22 in the Believe and Think, Act Be Like Jesus books.

30 Big Ideas of the Bible Chart


See an Overview of the Entire BELIEVE Program

Concise Summary of Key Concepts
This handy chart summarizes the 30 big ideas found in Scripture and presented in the BELIEVE program–10 key beliefs, 10 key practices, and 10 key virtues of a person who is becoming more like Jesus. At a glance, see which specific concepts are covered in the program and which chapter addresses each belief, practice, or virtue in the Believe and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus books.

See When and Where Topics are Covered
The chart provides an overview of the entire program. At a glance, see where specific concepts are covered in the program. Also use this as a quick reference for what chapter the topics can be found in the Believe and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus books.

The Story





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Samples Resources for Every Area
The Story is a 31-week chronological journey through an abridged version of the Bible, for every age group in the church. If you want to see samples of the resources for The Story, including sample adult curriculum, student and children’s curriculum, sample sermons and weekend services features, and more, click below.


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